Victoria Laurie

    New York Times Bestselling Author

I began writing my first Abby Cooper novel in the winter of 2003.  As a professional psychic of many years, I really wanted to portray an intuitive as a normal person – because we really are normal after all….we’re just a bit more “sensitive” than most.   

Truth be told, even after Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye was published, I had no thoughts of becoming a full time professional writer too.  Back then I firmly believed that I’d write two or three books in the Psychic Eye series, and move on to some other hobby. 


It wasn't until I was finishing my third book, that I could truly appreciate how much joy I had in telling a story.  For me, there is almost nothing more satisfying than writing those final twenty pages of a novel after taking all my characters on something of a roller coaster ride.  And I live for those moments when, creatively, it feels like I actually got it right.


I suppose I'd better love what I do, because there are way too many ideas churning around in this head of mine for me to quit now! Of course, writing is work, but it's fabulous work if you can get it.


So, if you’re a fan, I thank you.  If you’re a client, I thank you.  If you’re just stopping by to check me out…peruse at your leisure!







Victoria Talks About Where She Gets Her Inspiration: